20th UITIC, Porto 2018, 16-18 th May

20th UITIC, Porto 2018,  16-18 th May

The International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC) is an organisation which aims at developing technical knowledge in the footwear industry, in particular by organising international conferences on a regular basis and by taking the initiative in setting up the exchange of information between its members, exclusively in the field of technology.

UITIC’s main activity is the organisation of an International Technical Conference which tackles the latest technical issues: automatic sewing, computerised management, new materials, quality, training, design, amongst other relevant themes.

This conference, the UITIC Congress, is the most prestigious meeting of experts at international level and is attended in each edition, on average, by more than 400 technicians. There is a simultaneous translation service.

This is organized by Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Association and  Footwear Technology Centre of Portugal (CTCP)

From Fashion to Factory: A New Technological Age

Modern digital technology has transformed consumer behavior, as well as sustainability matters including: environmental, fiscal and societal, all of which when combined, will irrevocably alter the entire footwear industry. Frequently, new consumer trends emerge and the importance of fashion becomes preponderant in every markets (safety, sports, children, senior…).
Since the first gathering of the UITIC Congress in 1970, there has never been such a boundless period of technological transformation as today, similar in amplitude to that of the 19th Century industrial revolution. Previously discarded organizational and technological practices have emerged again under a new modern context. Customization within design and manufacturing, once thought virtually extinct, now dominates the industry, requiring production tools along with an always more important flexibility and reactivity.

Advances in computing, chemistry, robotics and material science technology will continue to exponentially increase, at such a rapid pace that our current growth period will appear stagnated. The footwear industry, the foundation of fashion and our consumers, manufacturers and providers of logistical services will all be deeply impacted.

Sustainability must be one of the highest priorities for the footwear industry in order to remain competitive. To prolong sustainability in this dynamic market requires companies to be agile, innovative, and technologically proficient, while forming closer relationships with the consumer.
Staff have to be prepared to these new issues, new jobs, and new management methods. The footwear industry won’t be able to succeed this technological mutation, if it has not taken into account this crucial dimension.
With this in mind, the 20th UITIC Congress is pleased to present innovative solutions to cope with the future consumers’ needs and prepare what will become the new technological age.
Here are the session details.
Get more details from https://www.porto2018.uitic.org/

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