3D printed Thonges

3D printed Thonges

We have seen 3D printed shoes, do you know, even the slipper with thong are printed in 3D?

Yes, it is done by Australian company called Retraction Footwear. Australia is a country that loves

thongs however, it is almost impossible to buy a pair that is made here. Their Aim? It’s to make the most comfortable pair of thongs possibly through customisation!

This company thought they could make something significantly better than the traditional style thong that has existed for decades. At Retraction Footwear believe that technology should make the future a better place for us all. They believe that thongs play a small part in making the future better.

They design and manufacture every pair our new high tech production facility in Melbourne’s Inner West.

Customizable, Air Cushioning & Extra Support 

  1. They made the first commercially available, fully 3D Printed Thong! They 3D Print everything (except the glue) including the sole, footbed, strap and even the reinforcing lugs! So why 3D Print Thongs?
  2. 3D Printing allows us to make a complex sole incorporating Advanced AIr Cushioning System with hundreds of air pockets to cushion for feet and provide a very comfortable thong. It also allows to incorporate thick cushioning under the heel and customisable arch support to help your feet.
  3. It allows us to customise the thong to your foot. And this is customizable in terms of foot length, width, arch height and weight.

Environmentally Friendly Thongs

  1. Their thongs are made from fully recyclable materials. They have tweaked the manufacturing process so that each 3D Printer only uses about 50W of energy – about what it takes to run a standard light bulb! They are working towards getting this supplied from renewable sources as well!
  2. 3D Printing is an Additive Manufacturing Technology which only uses material where it is needed. No offcuts. No waste.
    They print thongs on demand, meaning they never have surplus stock.

Improved Grip & Waterproof
Ever gone sliding in the wet in an old pair of thongs? Their thongs don’t absorb water like a traditional foam thong, which gives increased grip in the wet. They also incorporated a tread and a hard wearing sole. They are also fully waterproof – perfect for the next trip to the beach or pool.

Even though they have not mentioned the which 3D material they use, but from the videos, we found they are flexible enough. Look at below videos for more information.

Source : https://www.retractionfootwear.com.au/

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  1. Ben James
    May 3rd, 2020 15:49

    How cool!!!


  2. Fred Edwards
    May 4th, 2020 5:24

    These look sick! I’m going to buy a pair.


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