3D printed wearable shoes by Feetz.com

3D printed wearable shoes by Feetz.com

Have you heard that 3D printable personalized shoes for your feet.  This is possible from https://feetz.com

Do you know How it works :

Download the app :  Customers download the Feetz app (Available in North America, Europe and some other countries. See complete  here list ). Take three quick photos of each foot. The app measures 22 measurements from these photos.


Choose your shoe : Select shoe style and colors at feetz.com, and they will your SizeMe™ to your order with your email address.


Print:  That’s it! Technology does all the heavy lifting from there and the shoes are delivered in about two weeks. Their robots custom size & 3D print your Feetz, then our humans assemble them.

 Story of Feetz : It all started with a cup of coffee

Feetz Founder, Lucy Beard was on a mission to find a pair of good fitting shoes and just couldn’t. She felt that she had to take her feet into her own hands! Her thought was if she could customize her coffee a bazillion ways, why couldn’t she do that with her shoes. So the journey began to create a custom fitting shoe.

Feetz was born and went on a two year journey to build the technology to make custom fit shoes for every person a reality. They brought in experts across the globe from a New York fashion designers to Italian shoe cobblers. They built amazing new technology from 3D printers to make shoes in hours and designed software to custom fit shoe designs to our feet.

Sustainability is key in what they. Their products require zero water, are made using recycled and recyclable materials, reducing our carbon footprint by 60%

They have developed our own version of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) custom machine


Read the FAQ to get more details about feetz from https://feetz.com/faq

Get more details from




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