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It took more than ten years to implement the idea to bring all the technical notes/articles/knowledge into one roof. At the same time thought of making a website which gives the latest technology and news in Footwear Industry. Idea behind is to make a place, where one can get all the information about the Footwear.

As we all know, the resources are limited in this industry. Being a student or technician we are solely depend on what we studied in the footwear colleges. Now a days we can get more information from internet. But we hardly find few websites which gives the information about shoe & shoe making.

Being working in Footwear filed more than 21 years, I understood what is lagging when getting the information / technology…so, this site born.

We welcome all the Footwear experts to contribute for the development of this website.

We have taken all the efforts, that the content in this website provide correct information. Still, if you find something which is not appropriate , please bring to our notice.

Please feel free to contact me for any suggestion and improvements.

Team Futurefootwear.in

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