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Q. Is this website free.

A:  Yes, this website is free

Q.  Can I publish an article on this website

A : If you want to add an article on this website, please forward the same to me. Please adhere to the conditions below.

  1. Make sure, the article is written by you and does not have any copyrights issues.
  2. If you  took some reference, please mention the source data/links in the article.
  3. Some articles need to be attributed. In this case please pass the credits to the author..

Q: Will I paid for articles.

A: Currently No.

Q: Where from the content taken.

A: The content is taken from various sources and from working knowledge.

Q: What if I found errors in the website.

A: Please bring to our notice. We will correct it.

For any queries please feel free to contact or write to  futurefootwearin@gmail.com or +91 9823747600. 





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