Footwear Industry Learning Optimal Work Flow (FLOW)

Footwear Industry Learning Optimal Work Flow (FLOW)
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Sitting Idle in this Lock-down period? Learn something new from these PAID webinars.

Every brand has digital 3D transformation challenges from those just beginning to those already deep in digital. What digital software and tools fit what you want to accomplish? How do you set up new digital workflows? How do you reorganize or form new teams? What new talent is needed?

To help brands get it right and keep getting better, FDRA and The Footwearists will be holding a series of online seminars — Digital (3D) FLOW (Footwear industry Learning Optimal Workflow) — focused on helping every footwear brand successfully execute digital (3D) transformations through in-depth case studies, best practices, and specialized training. These will help:

  • Executives, managers, and directors strategize and understand how to set up digital programs, establish and manage successful digital workflows and talent, and prepare for what’s next, including using 3D designs for online sales generators.
  • Designers, technical developers, innovators, and faculty of footwear schools—the ones doing the daily digital work—get deep insights on platforms and exact training on digital software and tools to improve efficiency and productivity.

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