GreenSole : Step towards Sustainability

GreenSole : Step towards Sustainability

Have you heard about company called Green soles? who recycles the used shoes, that too in India?

Green soles contribute to social good, by creating a self-sustaining infrastructure that facilitates the provision of the basic necessity of footwear to everyone, forever, environmental good, by refurbishing discarded shoes with zero carbon footprint and economic good by giving employment to refurbish shoes.

Donate your old footwear to Greensole, which would be used to upcycle and donate to the one’s in need. You can donate either personally or at corporate level.

You can courier us their used pairs of shoes for recycling on the following address:

Greensole, C/O A460 Ram Fashion Exports,MIDC, Mahape, Navi Mumbai- 400710.

They recycle all shoes except the ones with heels and kids footwear (i.e. below age of 9 years). One can also organize shoe collection drives in their societies, clubs, schools and locality and courier us the shoes.

They also have few regional collection centers in India.

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