HP Delivers Custom 3D Printed Footwear With FitStation Platform

HP Delivers Custom 3D Printed Footwear With FitStation Platform
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HP’s new FitStation platform will use 3D scanning and dynamic gait analysis to deliver custom 3D printed insoles and footwear.

Since the global tech giant HP unveiled their Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology at RAPID 2016, the industry has been bracing itself for these potentially revolutionary machines.

This new platform will deliver custom-fitted and individualized footwear through 3D scanning, dynamic gait analysis, and also 3D printing. For HP, FitStation showcases the companies plan to commercialize their Multi Jet Fusion technology.

FitStation Powered By HP: Revolutionizing Footwear With 3D Technology

The “FitStation powered by HP” platform starts by 3D scanning the consumer’s feet, foot pressure measurements, and gait analysis. This creates a one-of-a-kind digital profile of each foot. The system will then 3D print an insole using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. This data will enable individuals to have fully customized 3D printed insoles made just for them.

HP’s 3D printed technology offers superior quality physical parts up to 10 times faster and half the cost. The technology enables printing at the individual voxel level. Thus far, the company has released two different printing systems.

According to Louis Kim, Global Head of Immersive Computing, Personal Systems, HP Inc, the FitStation is “a truly disruptive platform.” She adds:

“We are reinventing the footwear shopping experience, bringing a level of customization and personalization never before seen. We are stitching HP’s capabilities in 3D scanning and 3D printing to bring this Blended Reality vision to life and are working with leading partners within the footwear industry to develop this revolutionary platform.”

HP is offering the world’s first end-to-end solution to provide personalized shoe and insole recommendations off the shelf. The insole company Superfeet will pilot the platform in select stores across 4,000 retail locations. Currently, there are 27 shops that will pilot the platform, you can find each one on the FitStation website. Additionally, Steitz Secura, the specialist for safety shoes manufactured in Germany, will use FitStation to increase comfort, preventative health, and safety.

While other innovative companies have been 3D printing insoles for quite some time, HP will become the biggest fish in footwear pond. With an amazing technology and the resources to back it up, the tech giant will likely push this niche industry into the mainstream.





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