‘Leather Naturally’ campaign has reached its USD 1.5 million fundraising goal

‘Leather Naturally’ campaign has reached its USD 1.5 million fundraising goal

A Leather industry initiative

Leather Naturally promotes the use of globally-manufactured sustainable leather and seeks to inspire and inform designers, creators, and consumers about its beauty, quality and versatility. Leather Naturally’s members are tanneries, leather chemical manufacturers, machine manufacturers, service providers and brands.

Despite tanning being almost certainly the oldest industry known to man both its products and production methods are facing increasing challenges as the first decade of the 21st century heads to a close.

The leather sector itself is global yet fragmented and so far no wide-ranging initiative has been taken to defend and promote its interests. There is a chorus of criticism from pressure groups and NGOs often with an ideological axe to grind and increasing competition from materials which successfully imitate the original product. The objectives of the Leather Naturally initiative are simple:

To inform and inspire the buying public, fashion designers and finished product manufacturers about the use, beauty, versatility and sustainability of leather.

Fashion designers may combine leather with textiles and synthetic materials, however many of them may not understand how leather is manufactured and the processes. The more they understand, the more they will be inclined to appreciate the beauty and sustainability of leather. Our work will combine the promotion of quality leather with a positioning that encourages all elements of the industry globally to work towards sound and sustainable practices.

It is not be part of the Leather Naturally agenda to audit or attempt to manage the industry in any way but to promote and celebrate the best in leather as a material for the consumer and the designer and for the planet.

This initiative is about dialogue and about engaging stakeholders from consumers back to the raw material in an enjoyable and useful conversation about how leather does and can fit into the modern world.

Leather Naturally is an Association established in the Netherlands – Chamber of Commerce

Leather Naturally has reached its USD 1.5 million fundraising goal for a global campaign to promote the use of leather.

Campaign Manager, Fernando Bellese said, “This is a great moment for our industry and was only possible because businesses leaders came together to fund this important project that will help to build a stronger image of leather and connect this incredible material with new consumers.”

Leather Naturally will now start the preparation for the campaign’s launch in June 2019 and as part of that will create a team that will help manage the campaign and report its development to donors.

Leather Naturally Chair, Egbert Dikkers has extended his thanks to the campaign contributors, “Not only for the resources donated by your company, but also for your support in promoting this project and spreading the word amongst other industry leaders”.

Know he facts about the leather from https://www.leathernaturally.org/Resources/Useful-Articles/Facts/Leather-True-or-False.aspx

Source: https://www.leathernaturally.org/Resources/Press-Releases/Leather-Naturally-Reaches-Campaign-Goal.aspx

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