Looking for desi footwear? THESE desi shoes are a traditional wardrobe essential

Looking for desi footwear? THESE desi shoes are a traditional wardrobe essential

Every girl needs some desi footwears that go perfectly with her traditional outfits and some desi footwear must-have are a necessity.

The wedding bells are ringing and the festive season is upon us. With a calendar full of festivals, we need some festive clothes to look chic in our traditional clothes. It’s time to let the desi girl in us out and let her have the time of her life with all the beautiful traditional silhouettes. It’s time to go crazy shopping for all the traditional attires and don your pretty anarkalis and lehengas. But there’s one thing that most of us have a problem with when we don our traditional clothes and its shoes!

It’s difficult to find the right footwear to pair with every traditional look. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Though there is one thing that is impossible. You cannot buy a pair of footwear to go with each and every traditional look because it’s not economical and you don’t go out looking for the right heels for every dress you own! So, why do that when you can find some basic footwear to pair with all your ethnic attires. We need basics and those are not very difficult.

Here are some desi footwears that you can wear with your traditional clothes.

3. Jutti or Mojari We all need a comfortable slip-on to wear when we throw on a comfortable pair of traditional clothes and a pair of comfortable slip-on flats with embroidery or desi print or embellishment is perfect for this occasion.




2. Desi Wedges: We cannot really go without heels and while we can don our regular western heels with sarees, we cannot do that when we wear a sharara or a garara or any other ethnic attire. A pair of embellished or embroidered wedges can make the job easy and the best part is that they’re not as painful to wear as stilettos.




3. Jutti or Mojari: Jutti or mojari is the traditional footwear that is worn with Indian suits. You can take your pick from the multiple options that are available in the market. You can pick a traditional fabric or a print or an embellished pair of chic jutti or mojari to pair with your outfit. They are the perfect match for your desi clothes.



4. Kolhapuris: A Kolhapuri chappal is every desi girl’s wardrobe essential. They are very classy and versatile. They can be paired with anything and everything. A pair  of Kolhapuri chappals can look great with your churidar as well as your sharara and even your dhoti pants look .



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