Making Sole Moulds-2 : Soling materials

Making Sole Moulds-2	: Soling materials
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There are different types materials are used in Footwear sole manufacturing. The manufacturing process of each sole is different.

In general soles are manufactured by

  1.    Leather sole, which are from Vegetable tanned leather
  2.    Injection Process also called DIP : By injecting the material in to mould. Ex. PVC
  3.    Compression method or DVP: Rubber
  4.    By pouring the material: Material poured into mould and allow to expand. Ex PU, EVA

Different types of soles and manufacturing process that are in use are as follows

  1. Leather sole by means of assembling the components
  2. PVC soles by Injection process
  3. Leather inserted PVC by Injection process
  4. Rubber By Direct Vulcanizing Process (Compression moulding)
  5. TPR by injection process (TRP Granules)
  6. PU by Injection process and also by pouring process.
  7. Blown PVC by injection process
  8. EVA by compression and injection process.

Other than these there are many different type of materials are used for sole making, as new materials are soles are coming into the market as the technology is increasing rapidly.

Contributor: A.V.Suresh, Footwear CAD Engineer

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