NIKE Reveals Sustainability Collection For Summer 2019

NIKE Reveals Sustainability Collection For Summer 2019

Fresh from debuting the Steve Harrington-designed Earth Day Pack, Nike has also given a first look at another sustainable collection. Titled the “Plant Color Collection,” the latest release sees two classic Nike silhouettes — the Air Max 95 and the Blazer Low — reworked with canvas uppers and plant-based dyes.

1. Inspired by alternative ways to make color, the Nike Plant Color Collection, featuring the Air Max 95 and the Blazer Low, uses plant-based dye.

2. The Nike Flyleather Earth Day Pack combines one of Nike’s most sustainable materials with artist Steven Harrington’s unique aesthetic to inspire the wearer with a love for the planet.

There have already been a slew of 2019 sneaker drops that boast designs in the most beautiful floral hues. But what about shoes with color ways that are actually fueled by blooms and other types of flora? Nike’s Plant Color Collection is an awesome step towards a more sustainable fashion industry and proves that going green doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. The four piece collection is inspired by alternative ways to color textiles and uses only plant-based dye in its designs. If you’re a streetwear geek but also prioritize responsible and environmentally conscious shopping, this collection is definitely going to be your favorite footwear drop of the year.

The drop includes four shoppable styles, with the Air Max 95 and Blazer Low both getting reimagined in two all new color ways. Each style features a canvas upper but otherwise sticks to its iconic silhouette. The collection is not set to drop until summer of 2019 (the exact date is still unknown), which means little other information is out there about it. Keep your eyes peeled for additional information (this drop will surely be a buzzy one) and check out the styles below to know exactly which one you’ll be snagging once they’re available.

The first Air Max 95 style boasts a classic chunky white sole. From there moving upwards, it’s broken into stripes of camel, sky blue, muted living coral, and cream. The laces and tongue of the style also arrive in a matching cream.

The other Air Max 95 palette is decidedly rosier, moving from a light brown to a bubble gum pink to a ballet pink to a dusty yellow before transitioning into cream. It feels like springtime in a shoe and proves no color is off-limits in terms of sustainable dye.

The Blazer Low has a much less sporty sneaker aesthetic, instead boasting a much more streamlined and street-ready look. The first option comes in a muted living coral color, with cream laces and a brown heel patch.

Excitingly, this sneaker pack is only one-third of Nike’s sustainable footwear releases that will hit this summer. The brand is incredibly dedicated to innovating in ways that will make fashion more sustainable, so this comes as no surprise.

They’ll also be releasing a Nike Flyleather Earth Day Pack, which “combines one of Nike’s most sustainable materials with artist Steven Harrington’s unique aesthetic to inspire the wearer with a love for the planet,” according to their website; as well as the Nike VaporMax 2 Random, which will be uniquely crafted from excess Flyknit yarn that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. “This summer’s footwear demonstrates beautiful, new ways to approach color, construction and material innovation,” explains the brand.

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