Safety Footwear Revolution Week -23rd to the 26th of November 2020

Safety Footwear Revolution Week  -23rd to the 26th of November 2020
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The current pandemic, the geopolitical tension and the worsening environmental challenges the world is facing, alongside an unprecedented evolution in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, energy and materials, together with qualified workforce scarcity in industrialized nations, all contribute to create both enormous uncertainty and unbridled opportunity for the footwear manufacturing sector in Europe.

The 1st SAFETY FOOTWEAR REVOLUTION WEEK has born to find the answer to these urgent challenges, splitting itself into four revolutions: European industry; DIGITAL; Technical Footwear; and Environmental Challenges. Each morning – from the 23rd to the 26th of November – these topics will be debated in a 1h20 minutes panel, by five experts and a key moderator. Followed by thematic workshops and short Pitch presentations by some of the sector’s leading brands.

AMF SAFETY SHOES, TOWORKFOR and ALOFT – with the support of APICCAPS, CTCP and the European Footwear Confederation – are committed to present an inspirational event, with dozens of interesting speakers, exciting discussions, great new technological solutions and of course many surprises!



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