Senior Footwear Designer, Azani Footwear Factory – Bomanahalli, Bangalore

Senior Footwear Designer, Azani Footwear Factory – Bomanahalli, Bangalore
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JOB DESCRIPTION : Senior Footwear Designer- Sportswear

Mens & Women’s sports footwear designer who is able to conceptualize collections in a growing range of designs across various styles of footwear ranging from performance to athleisure.

Location: Azani Footwear Factory – Bomanahalli, Bangalore (Enter “Azani Sport Apparels” in Google Maps for Exact Location”)

Job description

  1. Conceptualization of the range, providing overall creative direction to product offerings
  2. Lead product innovation to bring new styles and performance products to the market
  3. Rendering and creation of sketches, colourways and techpacks, producing designs using drawings or CAD .
  4. Planning fabrics and trims a season ahead
  5. Collaborating with merchandising, production in-charge and factory management to meet the brief.
  6. Collaborate with sales team to understand customer response and quickly evolve styles to cater the market.
  7. Working knowledge of mould making, materials, and manufacturing processes is a bonus.


Years Of Experience : 5-7 years
Requirements : Market analysis and knowledge of current/upcoming global trends.

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    Senior leather shoe merchandiser job


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