Shoe Making Machinery

Shoe Making Machinery
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Do you how many machines are used in making a shoe?

Here is the a small list of machine used in Shoe making industry. Machines used sole making/ CAD/CAM/other accessory making, were not counted here. There are more machine which we never heard off

Help us to increase the list if you know them…


  1. Pantograph
  2. Pattern making machine
  3. Pattern perforator
  4. Pattern shears
  5. Vacuum forming machine

Pre-closing and Clicking

  1. Arm clicking machine
  2. Band knife splitting machine.
  3. Travelling head/Beam clicking press.
  4. Crimping machine
  5. Embossing and stamping machine for uppers/linings
  6. Fusing machine for ironing fusible interlining
  7. Skiving machine
  8. Splitting machine
  9. Stamping machine.
  10. Strap / strip cutting machine
  11. Strobel machine (overlock).


  1. Binding machine –cylindrical
  2. Buckle stapling machine
  3. Button stitch/ sewing machine.
  4. Cord sewing machine
  5. Cylinder bed sewing machine
  6. Edge folding machine
  7. Edge inking machine
  8. Edge trimming machine.
  9. Flatbed double needle swing machine
  10. Flatbed single needle sewing machine with/ without trimmer
  11. Folding and cementing machine
  12. Label stitching machine
  13. Lock-stitching cylinder bed bar-tacker.
  14. Machine to apply snap fasteners
  15. Post bed double needle sewing machine
  16. Post bed single needle with or without trimmer
  17. Punching and eyeleting machine
  18. Seam rubbing and taping machine
  19. Stitch marking machine
  20. Thermo cementing and folding machine (with/without tape)
  21. Upper lacing machine
  22. Zig zag machine


  1. Back part molding machine
  2. Boot leg ironing machine.
  3. Bottom roughing / scoring machine
  4. Buffing machine
  5. Cementing for bottom machine
  6. Cementing gun
  7. Channel closing machine
  8. Channel opening machine
  9. Channeling and grooving machine
  10. Chilling machine
  11. Cold setting machine
  12. Flash activator
  13. Halogenating machine for rubber soles
  14. Heat setting machine
  15. Heel and sole buffing machine
  16. Heel attaching machine
  17. Heel breast cementing machine
  18. Heel breast roughing machine.
  19. Heel building machine
  20. Heel covering machine
  21. Heel crowning machine
  22. Heel pre-fixing machine
  23. Heel profiling machine
  24. Humidifier for uppers
  25. Insole beveling machine
  26. Insole molding machine
  27. Insole tacking machine
  28. Insole trimming machine
  29. Kamborian lasting machine
  30. Last pulling machine.
  31. Mckay stitching machine
  32. Moccasin preforming machine
  33. Mulling machine for shoe uppers
  34. Outsole stitching machine
  35. Polishing machine
  36. Pounding machine
  37. Pulling over and toe lasting machine
  38. Reactivating plant for shoe and sole
  39. Recessing welt machine
  40. Rivetting machine
  41. Seat lasting machine
  42. Seat and side lasting machine
  43. Seat nailing machine.
  44. Shank fitting/riveting machine for insoles
  45. Side lasting machine
  46. Sole attaching machine/ ballon type
  47. Sole stitching- Lock stitching machine.
  48. Staple gun for stapling insoles, heels and uppers.
  49. String lasting machine
  50. Studs attaching machine
  51. Tack-reinforcing machine
  52. Toe lasting machine
  53. Trimming machine for sole edges
  54. Un-lasting machine
  55. Vulcanization machine for rubber soles
  56. Waist lasting machine
  57. Welt (Rand) attaching machine
  58. Wrinkle chaser


Finishing & Packing

  1. Spray booth
  2. Box folding machine
  3. Box stamping machine
  4. Lacing machine






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