Sneaker fans line up overnight for a new pair of the classic Air Jordans 1 Retro Hi OG ‘Court Purple’

Sneaker fans line up overnight for a new pair of the classic Air Jordans 1 Retro Hi OG ‘Court Purple’

Shoe fans lined up overnight to get their hands on a limited release pair of Nike Air Jordan’s.

The first person outside Foot Locker on Lambton Quay in Wellington took his place at 9 am .

Doors opened at Foot Locker at 8am, and by 8.15am the limited edition high-tops were sold out.

Jimmy Yang said he spent 13-hours lining up because of the shoe’s limited release status. “They are special. They are limited edition and there is huge demand but not a big supply,” he said

The atmosphere overnight was “pretty chill” as people waited for the store to open, he said.

The Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG ‘Court Purple’ cost $240 a pair.

The shoes were available from Foot Locker in Auckland’s Queen St, St Lukes, and Sylvia Park outlets and were in store in Wellington and Christchurch.

According to the Nike website, the shoes were based on the pair worn by basketball player Michael Jordan in 1985.

Air Jordan shoes have held an enduring appeal in the three-and-a-half decades since.

But Yang said the Air Jordan pair were not his most expensive shoes. “I have a pair of Human Race shoes, which cost around $450 retail,” he said.

“The person who Adidas partnered with was Pharrell Williams, and there was huge demand for them as well.”

Shopper Mike Hunt said there was something special in the fact the shoes were based on the original Jordan shoes.

By the time the doors opened at the Lambton Quay Foot Locker, there were around 85 people in line – with some missing out.

Young said he wears the shoes, rather than leaving them in the box. The new Air Jordan shoes were one of around 15 pairs that he owned.

While the value had increased, he hadn’t sold any, he said. Before the spread of Covid-19, the sneaker community in New Zealand was growing.

The collectable sneaker market, which investment bank Cowen & Co valued at US$2 billion globally (NZ$3.1b) in 2019, had been volatile since the spread of the coronavirus.

Since February, the lowest resale price for the shoes was US$420 (NZ$655) and was currently at $799 (NZ$1246).


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