Sneakers From Old Chewing Gum Scraped from Amsterdam’s Streets

Sneakers From Old Chewing Gum Scraped from Amsterdam’s Streets
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Gumdrop Ltd has collaborated with Explicit a fashion brand based in Amsterdam and I am Amsterdam, the local council in Amsterdam to create a trainer where the sole is made from Gum-tec. The sole also showcases a map of the streets of Amsterdam, highlighting the amount of gum litter found on their streets. Coming full circle to be made back into a Gum-tec sole, made from recycled chewing gum.

The discarded gum is being put to good use to make stylish kicks that also raise awareness for the anti-littering cause. Priced at around $332, the shoes will debut sometime in June.

According to the project, more than 3 million pounds of gum wind up on Amsterdam’s streets and sidewalks each year, costing the city millions of dollars to clean up.

Available for preorder now, the Gumshoe sneakers — offered in both a bubblegum pink and a black/red colorway — feature durable rubber outsoles fashioned from recyclable compounds (called Gum-Tec) produced by Gumdrop, 20 percent of which are made from gum.

Every four pairs of shoes requiere nearly 2.2 pounds of gum. A map of Amsterdam is molded into the bottom of the soles to subtly remind people of the littering problem. Even better, the sneakers actually smell like bubblegum — without the annoying stickiness.

To help spread their sustainability message, Gumshoe’s creators are hoping to expand the project to

other major cities around the world.

The sneakers are made from premium matt leather. This style is combined with full leather lining and embroided XXX on the heel.

The outsole of this product is made of RECYCLED CHEWING GUM in collab with GUM-TEC. Walk on the city map of Amsterdam where the chewing gum came from!

The Gumshoe sole not only looks like your favorite chewing gum but also smells like it!





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