These $29 Microwavable Slippers Will Keep Your Feet Cozy All Winter Long

These $29 Microwavable Slippers Will Keep Your Feet Cozy All Winter Long
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With chilly temps setting in, you may find walking around the house barefoot on cool tile or wood floors isn’t quite so comfortable. But why reach for a pair of average slippers when you could keep extra warm with a heated option perfect for winter?

Say hello to Intelex’s microwavable slippers ($29). Available in a range of versatile hues, they’re designed to be thrown in the microwave for instant toasty benefits up to 20 minutes, with no inner heat bag you have to worry about removing. As an added bonus, they even release a soothing lavender fragrance and are made of high-quality flaxseed for an ultrasoft finish.



Simply warm these luxury slippers in a microwave for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Scented with relaxing lavender these slippers are great for tired and aching fee

While the slippers might seem like a winter-only item, they’re multifunctional. Simply place them in a sealed bag and pop them in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours to transform them into handy cold packs for the next warm-weather season.

They are Gently scented with relaxing lavender, Can be surfaced cleaned with a damp sponge

For even more cozy options, the brand also sells plush microwavable boots on Amazon — which can be yours for just $28.

Also avaible from their wesbite

Similar of Soft toys available from Amazon India also




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