Virtual Light Booth : Perfect blend for comparing both Physical and Digital sample

Virtual Light Booth : Perfect blend for comparing both Physical and Digital sample
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Many times, it is difficult to compare the 3D shoe and Physical sample…as people expect to change material or to create virtual samples instantly. Even though many software provides material changing and creating visual samples, the Xrite Virtual booth is a correct blend of comparing both Physical and Digital sample. The main advantage is to change the material of a 3D model instantly.

The Virtual Light Booth enables accurate, side-by-side visualization and comparison of 3D digital material renderings with physical material samples under the exact same perceptual conditions – from illumination to contextual to observational factors. With the VLB, design teams can easily vary these conditions to see changes in material performance. As a result, designers can make more informed material selections and reduce approval times and improve product quality.

In simple text, a Digital sample is imported into the software (Mostly OBJ format). Once it is loaded, it will be projected on the screen of Virtual Light Booth. Now you can compare both the physical and digital sample side by side. You can change the material of component of digital model either from a digital sample (axf format gives best visualization effect) or you can place a physical sample in the booth. The cameras will scan the sample and apply on 3D model instantly. So, you can always try with different combinations instantly and compare with physical sample.



  1.  Compare digital material samples directly with physical materials. Integrated camera-based sensors, spectrophotometers and colorimeters, accurately visualize and evaluate materials, ensure material consistency for quality assurance.
  2.  Assess samples under accurate lighting conditions. Ambient light measurement compensates for lighting around the VLB, generating accurate controlled lighting conditions in any environment. This frees the user to adjust, view and compare digital and physical samples under controlled spot and diffuse lighting conditions.
  3. View from multiple angles. Motion and facial tracking adjusts the virtual representation as a person’s viewing angle changes, ensuring accurate evaluation of materials that use special-effect pigments—whose color and appearance change based on the viewing angle.

With this unique, immersive 3D experience, designers can make more informed material selections, reduce approval cycles, improve product quality and accelerate time-to-market.

This Virtual Light Booth was demonstrated at APLF, HongKong fair in March 2019.


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