What is an SVG file?

What is an SVG file?

Introduction : Just like you need a 3D model ready to get it 3D printed, you will have to create a 2D file to get your patterns cutting. This articles will give you all the relevant information you need to know about one of the most common file types: SVG file. What is an SVG file? What are the advantages and how can you use it or convert it? Let’s discover all you need to know about this vector file.

SVG file: What is this file format? : An SVG file is a file format, SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This is an Extensible Markup Language (XML) based format. XML is a language defining rules to encode documents to make them readable for both humans and machines. This SVG format is a vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for animation and interactivity. This SVG file format was first developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (also known as W3C) in the late 1990s.

An SVG file describes the image, the file is actually describing lines using a text format. As this format describes images with its shapes, it is possible to rescale the file without ever losing quality. Indeed, this file can combine different shapes, text elements, and visuals. It adapts to just any possible sizes, unlike file formats such as JPG, PNG or GIF, which have fixed dimensions. Thanks to its XML schema, this format is particularly useful to create logos, for example. Everything is in the name, this is a Scalable Vector Graphics file!

Thanks to its great adaptability, this format is regularly used by illustrators or product designers. SVG is actually a common file format, which can easily be resized. This file format is quite convenient as it can be searched, indexed, scripted but also compressed. You can also see a file ending with “.SVGZ”, what is this extra letter? This file format is actually designating an SVG compressed with the GZIP compression. The file will be way smaller in size using this format.

It is also possible to edit these files using CSS or Javascript to create animations.

How to open an SVG file?

It is possible to open SVG files both on Mac and Windows. But do you need an SVG viewer? Just like XML files, your SVG images can be opened with any text editor or any drawing software. If you just want to open your file, and not edit it, you can also use a web browser, without even downloading the file. On the internet today, all major web browsers from Chrome to Internet Explorer have SVG rendering supports.

How to convert an SVG file?

Most CAD software can directly export your file into SVG, but sometimes, it’s not the case. Then, you can use 2D software such as Illustrator or Inkscape, software allowing to convert from DXF to SVG really easily.

Some online converters are also accessible online to convert SVG files into JPG or PNG.


This articles is taken from the source (below) and modified slightly to the requirement.

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